Avoid Major Water Damage

Avoid Major Water Damage

Arrange for emergency roof protection services in Chandler, AZ

If your roof was damaged by a falling tree, golf ball-sized hail or strong winds, you should install an emergency tarp right away. Emergency tarping can prevent further damage to your roof while you're waiting for it to be repaired or replaced. Call on Ridge Roofing LLC for 24/7 emergency tarping services in Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas. Our roofers are ready to install emergency roof protection at the drop of a hat.

Call 480-522-5209 right away to get your free estimate and arrange for emergency roof protection services.

3 Great Reasons to Schedule Roof Tarping Services

Ridge Roofing provides 24/7 emergency tarping services in the Mesa, AZ area. No matter what type of roof you need tarped, we can handle it.

Roof tarping:

  1. Prevents major water damage
  2. Saves homeowners money
  3. Keeps insects from invading


**Tarps will shed water; they will not make the roof watertight**

Commercial Properties:
- Non-Emergency: $400
- Emergency: $550

Residential Properties
- Non-Emergency: $300
- Emergency: $450

Warranty Tarps - NO FEE
Tarp currently scheduled jobs - $99 Fee

**All tarps will cover a 20 x 20 surface
**Any additional 20 x 20 tarps will be $50 each
**There will be a $50 fee to reinstall any tarp
**If a diagnosis wasn't done during the tarping, make sure follow-up inspection is scheduled
**50% of payment must be collected prior to sending our crew out and final 50% is due once the roof is tarped