Roof Maintenance Available in Mesa, AZ


Twice Annual 15 point roof Inspection to ensure your roof stays in tip-top shape.

This includes:
1 - Inspect all tiles for cracks, displacement, and overlap
2 - Inspect all mortar caps for cracks and separation
3 - Underlayment inspection for condition, overlap, and curling.
4 - Wood batten inspection for condition and rot to prevent tile slippage.
5 - Inspect all fascia and trim boards for rot and warping.
6 - Inspect all penetrations for proper flashings and seals.
7 - Inspect all eaves for rotted plywood or signs of leaks.
8 - Inspect all valleys for debris and proper overhang and water-shedding.
9 - Inspect gutter for debris and sagging.
10 - Inspect dead valleys for condition and debris.
11 - Inspect all skylights for cracks and proper seal.
12 - Inspect landscaping for tree overhang and overgrowth on the roof system.
13 - Inspect all patio's for granule loss, exposed seams, wrinkles, and compromises in the substrate.
14 - Inspect all kick out of the flashings for proper water shedding placement (away from the stucco)
15 - Inspect for built-up bird droppings and nests.


Twice annually!
- Gutter cleaning
- Debris Removal
- Valley Cleaning
- Skylight Cleaning

Priority Scheduling

Members of the roof maintenance program receive priority scheduling and are guaranteed to be serviced within 48 hours for repairs.

Member Discounts

All members receive 5% off of any roof repair or replacement!

Peace of Mind

Rest assure that your roof is water tight and being properly maintained by your experts at Ridge Roofing LLC.

Attic Inspection


1 Year - $189
2 Year - $299 (OVER 20% SAVINGS!)