Tile Roofing in Chandler, AZ

Tile Roofing in Chandler, AZ


Although concrete tiles are not what keeps water out of your home it does act as a water shedding component as well as a protective barrier for the underlayment. Concrete tiles are very durable and can last a life time, that is unless you live next to a golf course.


Underlayment is the waterproof membrane which is found beneath the concrete tiles. Unlike the tile the underlayment has a life span ranging from 15-30 years depending on the quality of the material. Once this membrane has reached the end of its life it is time for a R&R. This process involve removing the tiles and replacing the underlayment as well as all metal flashings followed by reinstalling the tiles. With the new flashings installed this also gives your home fresh and updated look, along with a roof to last many years to come.


A Concrete tile roof system is one of the most common here in the valley and has been around for ages. Concrete tile is very aesthetically pleasing and comes in a variety of colors. This allows you to truly give your home or property a personal touch.